About Us

Save time and money
To deliver anything you want wherever you want!

Xpedict is designed to simplify and customize the process of shipping your orders. Particular attention is paid to every detail that customers value: speed, safety, price and comfort.

Lisbon-based XPEDICT was created to simplify the parcel delivery process, with special attention to price, speed and customer service.

                             Our mission is to break borders within Europe. XPEDICT lets you stop paying ridiculous prices for international shipping and start saving money now.

We were born thinking of you
  • Erasmus students
  • Emigrants
  • Travelers
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • Business Needs

Why are we cheaper than other companies?

XPEDICT has created an innovative system that allows anyone to place orders to anywhere. That's why we can offer better prices and any kind of service to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

Contact us now for more information. Our response times are as fast as our deliveries!